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Report of the webinar on the Resource Center of the European Training Foundation (ETF)

Fecha: 10/05/2022


Informe del seminario web sobre el Centro de Recursos de la Fundación Europea de Formación

The European Training Foundation (ETF) is an organization that promotes human development in 29 associated countries belonging to South Eastern Europe and Turkey, Eastern Europe, Southern and Eastern Mediterranean and Central Asia. It contributes to the elaboration, application and evaluation of policies and programs for:

  • promote social mobility and social inclusion
  • reform education and training systems
  • better balance the capacities of those systems with the demands of the labor market

Furthermore, within the context of the EU's external relations, the European Training Foundation (ETF) helps neighboring countries make the most of the skills and abilities of their citizens as they reform their education and vocational training systems. (VET) and labor market.

147 participants were present from Member States, Commission Services and Ukraine coming from different EU networks.

The aim was to provide a DEMO of the ETF Resource hub for people fleeing the war in Ukraine looking for continuing their education, work and recognition.

Access to work and education requires both support for Ukrainians now in the EU to have their skills and qualifications recognised, and EU citizens' understanding of the education and training system and qualifications from Ukraine.

Seminar attendees were introduced to the ETF online tool Nueva ventanathat offers:

  • Information for EU member states: authorities, schools, colleges, universities, and employers in the EU: Nueva ventana
    • The System of Vocational and Permanent Education and Training, Higher Education, the National Framework of Professional Qualifications and its comparison with the European Framework of Qualifications and the labor market in Ukraine: Educational programs, Professional Qualifications, standards, programs, records, bases of data, system of individual credentials and accredited providers, recognition of academic and work training and mobility.
    • Actions to support the EU to the Member States that are receiving Ukrainian citizens, offering tools and recommendations such as: the new Commission recommendation on the recognition of professional qualifications, EU transparency tools and funding opportunities.
  • Information for people fleeing Ukraine Nueva ventana
    • About access to education and continuous training in the different educational stages and levels from basic education, post-compulsory education, Vocational Training, Higher Education, Languages, as well as specialization and retraining.
    • About the "Job Search", a tool that provides links to databases of job vacancies in the Member States and other countries and makes it easier for users to submit their applications through specific tools enabled for it and with the possibility of choice of different European languages.
    • Provides information on the procedure for the recognition of your qualifications and professional skills in the European Union, as well as the recognition/ homologation and validation of Academic Degrees and other training courses.

The meeting aimed at inviting comments to improve the Resource Hub and populate with additional information which can be sent to: e-mail


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