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EUROPASS Mobility Document

Fecha: 06/07/2021


Europass is a European Commission initiative to facilitate mobility in work and learning. Its main aim is to contribute to the mobility of students and the employability of workers both in their own country and throughout Europe, facilitating the comparison of their skills and qualifications and thus contributing to the elimination of barriers to study or work in Europe.

Among the different services offered by Europass is the Europass Mobility Document which is a key element for the recognition of Erasmus+ mobilities, especially in the field of Vocational Education and Training.

The Europass Mobility Document is intended for anyone who has travelled to a European country to study or gain work experience, regardless of age or educational level. The EMD allows to record the learning experiences of students, teachers and/or trainers who have participated in an Erasmus+ mobility project such as internships, student exchanges, work placements, voluntary work or job-shadowing, among others.

The EMD is an official, nominative and personalized document that is delivered free of charge to the interested party, in Spanish and English at the end of their mobility experience abroad.

The EMD is issued and endorsed by the Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education (SEPIE) and is widely recognized throughout Europe.


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