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Self-awareness / Decision making

You are what you like

You are what you like

Guide prepared by the Adecco Foundation to identify one's own skills based on hobbies.

Help guide for non-sexist professional choice

Help guide for non-sexist professional choice

This guide will try to help you reflect so that you can make a mature and free decision when choosing what you want to study and what you want to work on.

How to make a vocational decision

How to make a vocational decision

What do I like? My interests

woman looking through binoculars

Basic Skills

It allows to know the basic and complementary skills for employment and to carry out questionnaires to analyse the level of competences.

Emotional education resources cover

Emotional education

Practical resources on emotional education as a guide, aimed at education professionals for pre-school and primary education to educate in affectivity and basic skills. It deals with different topics such as emotional self-knowledge, self-esteem, emotional self-control, empathy, social skills and communication and conflict resolution.

Vocational decisions guide cover

Vocational decisions

Vocational diversification guide. It raises the question of whether being a man or a woman has an influence on the choice of a profession or work and proposes activities to get to know oneself better and make vocational decisions.

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Platform for academic and professional guidance for students of ESO and Bachillerato. It helps students to make informed decisions about their professional future. It allows tutors/guidance counsellors to monitor the vocational process of their students.

Your professional future 3.0. icon

Your professional future 2.0.

TFP 3.0 is an online academic and professional guidance programme aimed at students, tutors and families that aims to facilitate self-knowledge and decision-making about the different educational and professional itineraries.

Educaweb GR Test

Educaweb GR Test

Self-knowledge tool aimed at people over 16 years of age, which facilitates reflection on one's own interests and values, skills and personality.

Self- assessment Xcelence

Self- assessment Xcelence

The Xcelence self-assessment tool is free to use for all schools in Spain. Evaluate the orientation system of your center based on the 10 Xcelence keys and start a process of continuous improvement to offer a quality academic-professional orientation to your students.


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