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Training pathways / Work world

Guide to access and admission to the university 2022/2023

Guide to access and admission to the university 2022/2023

Guide with information about public and private Spanish universities, on access and admission for national and foreign students and on university accommodation.

The day before

The day before

Digital educational resources to work on skills with young people.

Employment map

Employment map

The employment map is an interactive tool that, thanks to Big Data technology, analyses the job offers in Spain to show the occupations and skills that are most in-demand, as well as their evolution in time.

Professionals who inspire

Professionals who inspire

Discover the profession and trajectory of more than 60 professionals from different sectors in this series of 10-minute videos aimed at bringing the professional world closer to students.



Women who break the stereotype and who carry out jobs that involve value, physical risk, highly competitive sports or extreme risk, and men who have chosen to take care of the care and education of children, housework or professions associated with the female world of work.

What do I want to be when I grow up?

What do I want to be when I grow up?

Some examples of scientific and technological studies and their possible professional opportunities.



Salto de línea 'The trades of culture' is a documentary program that tries to reveal the secrets of a trade, through the meeting of a character who has developed his career and whose career we find especially interesting and a young man who dreams of dedicating himself to that profession. The format tries to portray part of the work of this "Master" to provoke a dialogue and many questions, and reflect on the reality of the trade. We talk about training, we talk about the labor market, the best and the worst in the development of this profession.



A woman travels from the year 2050 to our time to tell us, through the new professions that have been created in the future, what her world is like. The program dialogues with Spanish scientists and experts from the most diverse disciplines to know what are the advances that occur today, which prove that the wonders it tells us will be reality.



The Guidance Department of the Paulo Freire Adult Education Centre offers information on courses and employment, adapted to the profile of the adults who study in these centres.

Elige Formación Profesional para construir tu futuro

Elige Formación Profesional para construir tu futuro

El Servicio de Ordenación Educativa de Málaga presenta esta serie de vídeos en los que se presentan 21 de las 26 familias profesionales de Formación Profesional en un formato breve y cercano con testimonios del alumnado que cursa y del profesorado que imparte dichas enseñanzas.


How to choose your future

Professional profiles in the training cycles. Choose your occupation: most relevant occupations in each training cycle. Link to ESCO (European Classification of Skills, Qualifications and Occupations).

screenshot of Choose a profession without gender restrictions website

Choose a profession without gender restrictions

Website of the Women's Institute of the Region of Murcia with multiple resources to learn about and choose a profession free of sexist prejudices. The format of the guide corresponds to a grouping of professions by fields and the subsequent detail in an individual file for each professional option that includes summaries of biographies of recognised women in the profession or other data considered of interest from a gender equality perspective.

GPS Project icon

GPS Project

The GPS Project was created in 2006 by the City Council of Vitoria-Gasteiz to help young people in the free choice of studies without gender bias. The GPS on-line guide can be used with three profiles: 1) Young people: videos of occupations, advice on how to create a CV, the organisation chart of the education system; 2) Teachers or guidance counsellors: work material for tutorials and other resources; and 3) Parents: tools to help their children decide on their professional future.

On the Road to Employment 2.0 Guide (cover)

On the Road to Employment 2.0 Guide

A basic introductory guide to job search using the Web 2.0, which analyses personal branding and its relationship with employment 2.0, as well as some social networks where it is necessary to position oneself to maximise the chances of finding a job. It also provides an in-depth guide to personal interviews. It includes the most relevant social networks, such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+ as well as a part dedicated to personal branding and how to do job interviews.

screenshot of the Ibercaja Guidance website

Ibercaja Guidance

The Ibercaja Orienta educational tool is a digital service that provides young people, parents and educators with the information they need to make the right choice of educational pathways.

Decide your pathway (icon)

Decide your pathway

Interactive tool that offers results on possible training pathways based on the data provided by each person according to their age and previous studies.

The big STEM guide (cover)

The big STEM guide

STEM is an acronym that refers to the areas of knowledge in which scientists and engineers typically work - science, technology, engineering and mathematics. A focus on STEM learning is necessary for students to be competitive in the future workforce.

Highly employable (cover)

Highly employable

An easy-to-read guide "Highly employable" to help people with intellectual disabilities to find a job.

What do you want to be when you grow up? (cover)

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This book on the trades and their working conditions is an initiative of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of Uruguay, in collaboration with the International Labour Organization (ILO). It is adapted for school-age children to generate an exchange with teachers, students and families about the trades, their working conditions and the value of decent work.

AQHT.  Here's work (tv programme header)

AQHT. Here's work

A television programme that summarises current events in the world of work, with information on the situation, grants and training courses, and specialist guests. The programme features job offers, reports and interviews.

INCUAL.Professional families (icon)

INCUAL.Professional families

The National Institute of Qualifications (INCUAL), as established in the Organic Law 5/2002 on Qualifications and Vocational Training, is an administrative body attached to the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training that prepares and keeps updated the National Catalogue of Professional Qualifications and the corresponding Modular Catalogue of Training. Within the page, the professional families section allows you to find complete information on each family and data on occupations and the labour market.

Employement Brand (icon)

Employement Brand

Dynamic and practical website that can be used by job seekers to improve their chances of finding employment. Its purpose is to serve as a transmission belt for the information published in different sources and to bring together, as far as possible, the enormous amount of information related to the labour market, guidance and employment that appears in these media.

Public employment service (icon)

Public employment service

Includes official information on benefits, finding a job, training, job offers, labour market, employment contracts, sectoral prospective studies.

Educaweb (icon)

Dictionary of Educaweb studies

Updated and very complete list of official qualifications and non-regulated training courses offered in Spain, describing in detail their characteristics, the subjects taught, professional opportunities, etc.

What and Where to study (icon)

What and Where to study

The application What and Where to study has been created to provide students who want to access Spanish universities with a set of information that will be useful when deciding which degree to study and where to study it. The data come from the Register of Universities, Centres and Degrees and the Integrated University Information System. It has three functionalities: degree search (Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees in Spanish universities), probable performance (according to variables related to access) and labour market insertion (with indicators such as the rate of affiliation, percentage of self-employed...). website (icon)

VET: What, how and where to study

VET studies are structured into 26 professional families and, within them, into Basic Vocational Training qualifications, Intermediate Level qualifications and Higher Level qualifications, opens in a new window. The TodoFP search engine allows you to find each training cycle, the modules that make it up, where you can study, the type of education and the teaching method.

FPBIDE (icon)


Online questionnaires to advise on the choice of VET studies.

Questionnaire 1: Choice of Intermediate Level. It consists of 120 professional tasks linked to each cycle and to score from 1 to 10. Approximate time: 30 minutes.

Questionnaire 2: Choice of Higher Level. It consists of 180 professional tasks linked to each cycle and to score from 1 to 10. Approximate time: 40 minutes.

As a result, users get scores for the five Cycles of greatest interest to the user. In addition, it provides information on each of them, information on the syllabus, opportunities, videos, other related cycles, etc.


Open educational guidance resources.

It includes links to open educational resources on academic and vocational guidance, duly labelled and commented.


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