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Resources in the Autonomous Communities


Inclusive life and professional project

Inclusive life and professional project

Tool to help and guide teachers and families in the design of the life project of all students.

The life project is learning from the past, experiencing the present to travel to the future.

Career and professional Guidance Guide (cover)

Career and professional Guidance Guide

Andalusian Vocational and Professional Guidance Guide for the academic year 2020-2021.

VET Information Guide (cover)

VET Information Guide

Development of the Andalusian educational offer of training cycles supported with public funds. For each qualification there is a description of the general competence, the professional environment and the training modules broken down by courses and hours per week.

Elige (Choose) (cover)

Elige (Choose)

For the development of the Elige Vocational Guidance Programme, the Activation for Vocational and Personal Development (A.V.P.D.D.) model is proposed, a theoretical framework based on the notion of educational guidance. It is a guide for planning educational interventions in vocational and professional guidance with an educational and processual approach, in which it is relatively easy to include the objectives to be pursued by a non-sexist guidance programme.

Manual for entrepreneurship (cover)

Manual for entrepreneurship

Resolves doubts when it comes to starting a business. Fundamental notions for entrepreneurship.


Choose your profession (icon)

Choose your profession

Website of the professions so that students, teaching staff and companies that work in the Vocational Training environment have all the information about these studies. The website provides all the information on a specific profession, including the vocational training qualifications that give access to this activity, as well as information on career paths and the personal skills needed to carry out this work. The page includes a catalogue of professions, videos about them, a search engine containing studies related to the profession, by specialities or professional opportunities and social networks.

Principado de Asturias

VET Guide (cover)

VET Guide

This guide lists the vocational training cycles on offer, distinguishing between basic, intermediate and higher vocational training cycles. For each cycle, the general competences of the qualification, the units of competence, the modules and the most relevant jobs are included.

Emotional development (cover)

Emotional development

Emotional development programme published by the Regional Ministry of Education of the Principality of Asturias. Aimed at primary school pupils, it aims to help our children, from an early age, to know how to manage their emotions effectively, to improve their school performance and, ultimately, most importantly, to achieve personal, academic and social success and "be happy people”.

Castilla-La Mancha

screenshot of Guidance portal

Guidance portal

The POP orientation portal, allows you to obtain information to choose a profession or to progress in the one you already have. You can find out about the functions that are carried out, the type of companies where it is carried out and the training that is needed, data about the labour market and about the supply and demand of the different professions that exist in Castilla-La Mancha. In POP you can find out all about vocational training for employment and the education system.


Screenshot of What to study in Cataluña website

What to study

Educational, academic and professional guidance resources with the aim of helping centres, families and young people in the construction of their educational, professional and life project itinerary. Young people build their personal and professional life project based on their interests and needs, the reality of their environment and the challenges of society. In order to guarantee a good accompaniment during this process, all educational agents, the family and social agents have a shared responsibility with guidance.


screenshot of Ítaca Project

Ítaca Project

The Ítaca Project was created with the aim of improving the employability of people who have embarked on a journey between the world of education and the world of work, but who find themselves disoriented and without resources. The new intervention model based on "Ítaca Guidance" is a comprehensive system that will accompany people at all times.


screenshot of the Vocational guidance plan

Vocational guidance plan

Plan that promotes the collaborative work of all guidance professionals to create an integrated network of unified, global and accessible information and advice on training, information and professional qualification.

screenshot of the Vocational guidance plan

Vocational guidance plan

Plan that promotes the collaborative work of all guidance professionals to create an integrated network of unified, global and accessible information and advice on training, information and professional qualification.

Comunidad de Madrid

Guidance booklet (cover)

Guidance booklet

Notebook with information on the different educational stages in the Comunidad de Madrid.

screenshot of the Job search guide

Job search

A career strategy handbook containing the information you need to find a job.

Orion Project icon

MYVIP: My vocational e-Portfolio (Orion Project)

This work is part of the "Observatory of the professional interests of secondary school students in the Comunidad of Madrid: Project Orion", initiated in 2002-03. It is aimed at ESO and Bachillerato students. Once the students answer the questionnaires hosted on the web, reports are generated that make up a vocational portfolio for each student. Currently, the questionnaire area includes: Vocational Interests, Vocational Values, Vocational Reflection, My Academic History, Personal Academic Well-being, Socio-family Context and My Academic Project. From the website, access is also given to two external applications: Orientaline and MyWayPass. In results and reports, resources and a personalised report are provided.



Applications for mobile devices to access all the information related to official university studies -UNIMAD-, VET -FPMAD- and Special Regime Education -EREMAD- offered in the Community of Madrid. It also includes the geolocation of the centres.

Región de Murcia

screenshot of You will reach the top website

You will reach the top

Website of the Region of Murcia with all the information about Vocational Training in this community, its competitions, news, international programmes or access to its training offer.

Your future starts today (icon)

Your future starts today

Specific website with all the information about Special Education in the Region of Murcia: Languages, Sports and Artistic Education.

Comunidad Foral de Navarra

screenshot of NORA website


Find your path in VET. Virtual simulator in which the user is advised on the most suitable Vocational Training study programme for their age, academic background, vocational interests and skills.

screenshot of the Career guidance and employment website

Career guidance and employment

Information and advice on career guidance, training and employment in Navarre.

País Vasco

screenshot of GazteBizHitza website

Guidance and advice

GazteBizHitza is the Basque Government's online guidance and advice service. It includes information on studies, employment and housing.


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